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Monday, April 24, 2017


Here's a joyful little messenger
of Spring!

Hummingbird. 100 Days of Things that Fly by Christina Mann Designs on Instagram @igottacreate

This tiny little colorful hummingbird
is part of my 100 Days Project.

I'm doing 100 Days of Things That Fly.

A bit of hand lettering with my
paintbrush made for some additional practice.
The fun part is not planning,
just doing!

Do it for the process!

Here's a quick recap of my early
posts to the project:

100 Days of Things that Fly on Instagram @igottacreate

There is more to see
than these first nine days...

Thank you to everyone
who has been cheering me on!
You can join me HERE.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Science Matters

Science for an uplifted world. Gouache by iGottaCreate!

I love the intersection of Science and Creativity.
Amazing things can happen
when curiosity meets with 
the discipline of observation
and mingles with imagination and love
for humanity and the natural world.

Let's insist on using science to further our
loftiest goals, enact our most cherished values
and uplift humanity through
innovation that
supports a flourishing
and diverse planet.

Here's cheers to our Scientists 
and the work they are doing today
to bring light to the value
of this discipline.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hungry Chickadee

Just a little update
on my progress with
the 100 Days Project.

Hungry Chickadee | 100 Days of Things that Fly project by Christina Mann Designs. Follow on Instagram @igottacreate

I'm having so much fun
painting butterflies, moths and birds.
I will have a few surprises
in the theme, too.

Fly on over to my Instagram feed
and cheer me on.
The support and encouragement
is so helpful to the
process, and I thank
everyone who is heart-ing and commenting!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

100 Days Project

This year I'm taking a deep breath
and diving into the 100 days project.

100 Days Project: 100 Days of things that Fly | art by Christina Mann Designs ~ I Gotta Create!

It sounds simple.
Choose an action and stick with it
for 100 days.

But as anyone with a busy job and life knows,
that is not always as simple
as it sounds.

So, I invite you to pull up a chair 
cheer me on, and watch
my 100 Days project over on Instagram.

I will be making some kind of art
related to that theme
every. single. day.

Some days might get fancy, 
some days super simple.
But I will strive to post something
related to my theme every day.

100 Days Project: 100 Days of things that Fly | art by Christina Mann Designs ~ I Gotta Create!

The idea is to
"do it for the process."
Show up every day and see what you learn.
And that is always worthwhile....

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017!

Hope you're ringing in the
New Year
with the people you love,
and that your
help make this world
a more beautiful
and harmonious
place to live, love, play and work!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sugar Plum Fairies are Flying!

Time to share a little holiday cheer ~
click to see the 30-second movie:


I created a book cover
as part of the ongoing fun
inspired by Lilla Rogers Studios.

Sugar Plum Fairy Adventure School book cover by Christina Mann Designs

Since I painted a couple of fairies, 
and imagined them going to school to learn
their various adventurous fairy skills, 
I decided I had to animate them!

May your season be filled
with sweet things,
a sense of meaning
and ways to contribute
to the world,
and a whole lotta

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Free December Printable Calendar Page

It's my last free calendar page for 2016!

Free St. Nicholas December Calendar Page | Visit I Gotta Create!
Click image to download your calendar!

Celebrating that jolly fellow
St. Nicholas,
who was known for his miracles,
his secret gift-giving,
and as the patron saint of children, among others.

May the spirit of
gratitude, generosity and care for 
one another abound in every heart!