Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Coloring Book Cover: 1920s Flapper theme

So my latest project has been so much fun!

We've been drawing flappers
and all things 1920s.

I whipped out a bunch of pencil sketches, played with various styles, completed some drawings, and played with markers. I really enjoyed the theme, and although they aren't easy, I do like sketching faces. 

Of course, you can see
my latest meanderings on

In previous projects I had sketched out some flowers. To that, I added sketches of pussywillow, one of my favorite spring plants.

I then brought these creations into adobe illustrator to complete
 our assignment: a coloring book cover.

The idea with the cover is to color some of it in, leaving other areas blank. I decided I wanted my color book lines printed in gold foil on my cover.

Here's a look at my cover:

Is this a coloring book YOU 
would be interested in? 
I'd love your feedback. 
I just realized I've had my comments off, 
so I fixed that in late August. :/

My hat is off to Lilla, our MATS Bootcamp leader extraordinaire, who came up with this fun assignment. You can learn more about that and see some of the other artists' work here.

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