Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Celebrate Every Good Thing

It is truly amazing what a difference
an attitude of 
celebration and gratitude
can make in your life.

I didn't realize just how throughly
I have cultivated that habit.
That is, until I saw reactions
to an event that made it clear
I've apparently "rewired" my own circuits,
which consequently brings
an deep measure of joy into my life.

The reactions jarred me into a compassionate desire to share what I've learned. Because they showed me in stark terms how we humans can push away positive things because they seem "too small."

Imagine a river of  potential joy going unnoticed because the raindrop that feeds it seems inconsequential. 

Might you be pushing away joy
along with a more fulfilling life that is already 
right under your nose, waiting for you to notice?

Here are some possible tip-off phrases:

"Even though..."
"At least..."
"Didn't get..."
"While I didn't..."
"I was not..."
"It's only..."
"As soon as..."

Notice how all those phrases are qualifiers. 
They modify whatever follows by making it smaller, less significant...

The human habit of wanting a specific result so badly can be a joy stealer. It makes it nearly impossible to notice the abundance of other lovely little things around that are not "that thing." 

What is a possible antidote?

First, have compassion for yourself. It does no good to try to force either celebration or non-attachment to "that thing."

Instead, just very simply cultivate a habit of gratitude or appreciation in your life. 
These attitudes are like tiny celebrations 
taking place in your brain and body every time you experience them.

Eventually, you will see the simplest things are part of the unfolding miracle that is your life. You will know that, just as every single breath is necessary for the flow of life to happen, celebrating every good thing is the secret to living a joyful life.

Your joyful life does not happen "as soon as" you have "achieved" X, Y, or Z.  

Just like your life doesn't happen "as soon as" you've breathed 5,000 or 50,000 breaths. 

Rather, your life IS each breath. And joy is each moment you live in gratitude or appreciation. And somehow, it deepens, ripens, and grows richer the more you practice.

Here are some tip-off phrases that might indicate someone is living from an abundant, joyful space:

"What a surprise.." 
"Thrilled to be recognized..."
"A beautiful moment..."
"Thank you..."
"A wonderful step along the path..."
"Another milestone..."
"Feeling proud..."
"Feeling like a winner..."

I'm certainly not perfect at it, but I can say
it has become more of a habit than I had realized!

 So, go ahead and Celebrate Every Good Thing.

you'll find
a life of
joy is living and breathing
through you.

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