Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ada Lovelace: First Computer Programmer

Ada Lovelace as a child. First computer programmer. | Art by Christina Mann Designs
Ada Lovelace, 1st Computer Programmer, as a Child.

The first computer programmer
was a woman.

Her name was Ada Lovelace 
and she lived in England in the mid 1800's. 

Ada's brilliant mind easily connected
intuition, imagination, and science
to explore concepts in new ways.

She called it "poetical science."

She saw a century ahead of time the implications
of modern computing in the simple "analytical engine" first described in 1837 by Charles Babbage. She wrote the first algorithm for it.

Ada Lovelace Day is celebrated in mid-October
to raise the profile of women in
science, technology, engineering and math.

Now that's brilliant!

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