Friday, June 16, 2017

Prairie Warblers in Gouache

Prairie Warblers with Nest. Gouche by Christina Mann Designs

I was nervous about making the
100-Day Project commitment.
With my busy schedule, 
would I be able to keep up?
Not one to set aside a commitment,
would it be fair to myself to take this on?
How will I manage when I'm crunched for time
or feeling stressed, and
what will the results look like?

It's easy to see from the above montage
that time and one's mind frame make a difference.
The top bird is quite wonky...
I had less than my 30-minute practice window 
to devote to it.
But still, she's kinda cute in my eyes! 

Prairie Warbler in Flight. Gouache by Christina Mann Designs

The idea is to do it for the process!
Enjoy the moment Anyway.
Not every day is perfect: some days
you're wonky and some days you soar.
And interestingly enough, 
that ends up being its own kind of perfect.

Prairie Warbler flock in Roses. Gouache by Christina Mann Designs

These Prairie Warbler birds are part of 
my 100-Day Project,
"100 Days of Things That Fly,"
which you can view on Instagram.

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